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Lady in the Bath – Poem by Ian Parks

Poem written after being inspired by Liz’s painting

It might be Ophelia but she she’s smiling as she dies, her white arm falling limply from the rim. It might be the Lady of the Lake except she’s shed her samite gown.

and, stepping from it, left it on the floor. Or is she a lost mermaid hanging back her seaweed hair, discovered panting at low tide

and dragged to safety from the shore? The bath itself is luminous and deeper than we think; the walls transparent, shimmering.

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Article written by Amelia Crouch

Elizabeth Neylan’s colourful oil paintings have, as their beginnings, places she has visited or literary sources including myths, songs, poems and sayings – from Keates to Bob Dylan. For Neylan the colour, form and content of a work have equal importance. The immediate visual impact of the images, with bold shapes in vibrant primaries and strong pastels is supported by a sophisticated use both of visual symbols and textual references.

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Acapulco – Poem by Nicholas Murray

Poem written after being inspired by Liz’s painting

Around the bay, with the brightness of beach-huts, the tower blocks gather to the contemplation of blue;

the white table and chair are waiting for the man in a garish shirt and the knobbliest of knees

whose serious aim is pleasure and the sensation of sun as the heat of the day is turned up.

But the question remains: will that pelican, in its flat-footed fashion, get there first,

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